Setting up our website during Covid-19 lockdown

Anyone that knows us here at Mary's shop knows that we don't often close, we keep our business open even during the quiet Sorrento winter months (Sorrento is a small tourist town so becomes very quiet in the winter low season), so when the covid-19 pandemic broke out and we were forced to close it was quite a shock for us, like i'm sure it was for a lot of small businesses worldwide. Initially we thought it would only be for a few weeks, however as the time passed we soon realised it was going to be longer than that. For us Mary's shop is not only business, it is a passion, it is our way to connect with people, customers and also fellow business owners on our street, it is also social.

We soon started to think of ways to connect with some of these people in a way that was still safe (in a pandemic). That's when we decided to launch our website, it was our way of connecting with all of our dear friends and customers. Launching the website was a project that had been on our minds for many years but because of the hectic work schedule we already had in the shop it just wasn't possible to do it to a standard that reflected what matters to us the most, our customer service! So we decided to dedicate these months of lockdown to doing just that! The time had come to get ourselves into the 21st century!

It was an interesting experience and learning curve, a lot of what we were doing was very new to us but what better time for a challenge right?

We worked day after day for the months of lockdown to complete the website. As well as connecting with our clients we would love to be able to spread the Made in Italy concept worldwide, make buying Italian leather possible for everyone, even without travelling to Italy. 

We really hope you enjoy it! But we also hope to see everyone back in the streets of Sorrento soon!

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